Air Conditioning - Preventative Maintenance

If you are a homeowner with Central Air and have experienced problems with your air
conditioner you may want to continue reading.

When summer arrived together with the heat, the average homeowner simply switched
their thermostat from 'Heat' to 'Cool'. In a perfect world, that would be the simplest
solution, unfortunately our HVAC systems are not that simple. Below are quick and easy
steps to help maintain the air quality in your home, improve efficiencies, prevent
nuisance service calls and save money.

BENEFITS OF switching your fan to 'ON' vs AUTO

Own a Media or Mechanical Air Cleaner or any other type of air cleaner (non electric)?
Switching the fan to ON will clean the air continuously, thus improving the quality of air
distributed through out your home.


Humidifiers installed on your furnace if new type humidifier (as above), you must close
duct damper in order to prevent the air you paid to cool, mixing with warm air. Perhaps
you have an old style drum humidifier, you may a damper (similar to picture below) you
would then close damper. (Notice markings used to help remind homeowner when to
open and close damper (depending on season). Perfect analogy, when driving in a car,
do you have the Air Conditioning on and windows open? If so, you will notice the warm
mixes with the cool air and does not feel as cool.


Cold basements? Set Fan to "ON" and the air returns in the basement will vacuum the
cold air that settles in the basement and distribute it throughout the home. Giving your
Air Conditioner a break, yet still moving the cold air to other parts of the home.
Warmer rooms? The air is changing 24hrs per day and helping those warmer rooms to
cool down.

Does you're Air Conditioning Col Freeze up? Try switching the Fan to ON, this will
help prevent coils from freezing up. Some coils may be under sized or perhaps just not
enough air passes through to prevent the cold from freezing. Air distribution to any
HVAC system is vital to the performance and efficiency.

DID YOU KNOW? most furnaces built over the past 15 years run at a low speed,
saving you energy and money, when Air Conditioning is not running.

If you feel these items are too difficult of a task to perform on your home, then perhaps
renting an air conditioner is an option for you, since it includes parts & labour. Either
way, if you choose to rent or neglect your HVAC equipment, you will NOT feel comfort
and WILL pay more money out of pocket.

Is winter almost over?

It is a normal for someone's immediate reaction to turn up the thermostat at home or at the workplace when it is cold outside or especially when we experience those flash freezes. Heating an entire area for ones comfort, is not that right decision.

adjusting thermostat

The past few months I have heard how family members are "cranking up the thermostat" because it is cold at their home or workplace. Why are we so surprised the cold has arrived or that it is snowing? Only if we took what the meteorologists seriously, we might: wear winter socks instead of summer, wear pj's to bed, use an extra blanket at night or have a warm shower or bath the night prior (time of use rates would agree - $avings). Most people do not plan for bad weather or follow the weather forecast. Today's meteorologists can make our lives simpler and can actually $ave us money. Is it because we hope deep down inside that these weather specialists are wrong? That it wont reach the low of -18C or is it you believe Winter is almost over? Perhaps it is the shopping malls with their spring and summer displays that has convinced you winter is almost over. No matter the excuse, next evening you are at home and want to curl up and watch your favorite show or read a book, plan ahead. Bring a sweater or a blanket down, and wear a pair of socks and if possible turn on the fireplace (heating one room vs the entire home $aves energy and money). Should you have the luxury of a fireplace, it is recommend to have the Furnace Fan running so that the cold air returns can destitute some of that heat throughout the home.... just don't crank up the thermostat, its not a car accelerator.

The HOME-STAT is designed to maintain inside temperature, no matter the outdoor conditions. Convenience is having not to worry about weather , so if you set your program fro 23C the HOME-STAT will maintain 23C.

Sorry honey, that means you too.

Electricity Prices

FACT: Ontario residents being charged "on time of use rates" will incur a 3.8 percent increase effective May 1st and those households using more than 800 kilowatt hours of power will see a $3.96 increase per month. These new power rates were recently announced by the Ontario Energy Board (O.E.B).


Each of the three daily "time of use" price periods will increase 0.8 cents a kilowatt hour, equating to a peak of 10.7 cents a kilowatt hour, a mid-peak of 8.9 a kilowatt hour and an off-peak rate of 5.9 cents a kilowatt hour. The only good news is effective May 1st, the peak rate period ends two hours earlier at 7PM vs 9PM in the winter. Giving residents 2 extra hours of power usage at a more affordable rate.

"I expect we'll see increases", says Julie Girvan, Consultant for Consumers Association of Canada. These new pricing parameters are intended to encourage consumers to change their behavior, switching more power usage to off peak hours, thus, we would require fewer generators to run at short brief periods when requesting electricity during the peak demand period.

Here's a silver lining!

The HOME-STAT changes your electricity behavior WITHOUT changing your behavior. Heating water when you are at work, away on vacation, or sleeping make no cents for anyone but your Hydro bills. Make no mistake, the HOME-STATTM 7-day programmable thermostat is a tested and proven programmable thermostat that saves over over 28% of TOTAL ENERGY.


HOME-STAT™ is now available at Reliance Home Comfort

In October, Home Corp Services Inc and Relianceâ„¢ joined forces to provide the Home Building community and Ontarians the latest technology in Water Heating and Programmable Thermostats - with the exclusive HOME-STAT.

Reliance's line of power vented water heaters combined with a HOME-STAT enables homeowners to save over over 28% of total energy. Home Corp Services and Relianceâ„¢ developed a true rental program, referred to as the "rental water heating system" and for as low as $24.98 per month your homeowners will save money immediately and you will save the cost of purchasing a 7-day programmable thermostat.

The HOME-STAT all-in-one patented technology manages the homeowners Heating, Cooling and Water Heating (power vented water heaters only). At work, sleeping or on vacation, today's water heaters run 24 hrs per day. Simply program the HOME-STATâ„¢ as you set back your heating or cooling and the HOME-STAT will send a signal, using RF technology, to shut down your water heater - giving you a choice as to when you want hot water.

Residential water heating is the second largest energy consumer and with the simple to use HOME-STAT you can now save immediately! Avoid spending thousands of dollars to change your water heating system or worry to run additional wires, the HOME-STAT uses your existing equipment and makes it smart! If you have questions, feel free to call a Home Corp Services representative at 1.877.331.8886

HOME-STAT™ now available at Don Park.

We are excited to announce our 7-Day Programmable Thermostat, the HOME-STAT with our patented design, managing a homes Heat, Cool and Power Vented water heater all-in-one, is now available at all Don Park ( locations.

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Since 1972, Don Park has specialized in providing and developing diversified product for the HVAC Industry. Proudly supplying value and quality tools, equipment, replacement parts, sheet metal and beyond. Don Park ensures they supply the latest HVAC merchandise available and with 14 locations and three HVAC manufacturing facilities across Ontario, they are the #1 choice for HVAC Contractors.
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For further information contact:

842 York Mills Road, North York, Ontario M3B 3A8
Phone: (416) 449-7275


HOME-STAT™ Daylight Savings

HOME-STAT Daylight Savingshome-stat-thermostat

Reminder to HOME-STAT residents, to change to daylight savings time Saturday evening before you go to bed. The exclusive and patented features of setting back temperatures and at the same time managing your power vented water heater are designed to save energy and more importantly, to save you money. As you change those alarm clocks to ensure you arrive to work on time, change the time on your HOME-STAT to continue saving that money you work so hard for.

Your home is more important than your car

Fall is in the air and Winter is approaching. Most car owners prepare their vehicles for Winter (ie: tires, top up levels, check hoses and belts) yet MOST Homeowners do nothing to winterize their homes. As drivers prepare for the worst driving conditions, so should homeowners prepare for extreme winter conditions. Simply switching the thermostat to heat mode is not enough. To ensure efficiencies and preventative maintenance (waiting in the cold for a technician) simply perform the following:

If you have a Humidifier:


  • change your humidifier filter
  • open damper on by pass to allow humidity to mix with warm air and flow throughout home
  • Turn ON the Humidistat
  • ensure access water is flowing to drain. If not, turn off humidifier and check drainhose for blockages
  • If you find humidity build up on your windows you may want to lower the humdistat

If you have an Air Cleaner:

  • clean or replace your air filters (follow manufacture specifications) this will ensure adequate air flow throughout home and will not add stress to fan motor
  • air flows into your furnace one way. Remember when you remove the air filters for cleaning, ensure you re-insert the same way to avoid captured dust particals to not flow throughout home
  • Electronic Air Cleaners should be cleaned every two months, ensure you follow manufacturer recommendations

Important Reminders,


    1. First time you turn on your furnace you may smell something burning, this is common. Dust that accumulated over the spring and summer season is on your heating elements and will pass within 1 hour.
    2. If snow accumulates where your gas/propane furnace (and water if applicable) vent outside, you must ensure the vents are clear and can exhaust fumes. If not, the furnace (or appliances) will shut down as a safety precaution.
    3. For those who do not have an HRV ensure you change the air or add fresh air by means of opening of a window. This is of great importance for the well being of those who live in the home. Flus, colds, off gases from furniture, carpets, building materials and cooking scent are some common reasons why allowing fresh air into your home is a great plan, no matter the outside temperature.

For those who do not have an HRVensure you change the air or ass fresh air by means of opening of a window

  1. When you are off to work open those blinds this will allow the sunlight in, thus increasing the temperature of your home and preventing your furnace from cycling as often.

Remembering these simple steps will ensure your family breaths easy, protect your home, save you money, energy and the environment.

Stop the curb stop

Curb Stop

Most homeowners have seen it but are not sure what its purpose is.

Curb Stop

This is what is referred to as a curb stop. A curb stop is property of the city or municipality and is used to turn the water service to a dwelling on or off. The curb stop box is an enclosure housing the actual valve. Most curb stop boxes are not boxes at all, but are cast iron housings with a pipe and due to frost levels extends to the ground level with a removable cover. When the cover is removed the valve can be accessed with a special wrench that slides down the pipe enabling an authorized technician to turn the valve on or off.

This technology has been used for decades and is still in use today. Many homeowners have expressed safety concerns sighting family and friends tripping or falling on exposed curb stops.

Curb Stop

Most homebuilders are frustrated as 40% of homes under construction require curb stop repairs or replacement and Municipalities repair curb stops daily, costing homeowners more money in taxes.

Mueller's ITET Digital Water System is saving municipalities thousands of dollars and making life easier for homebuilders and homeowners. Gone but not missed will be the eye sore of a dated product.

Mueller's ITET Digital Water System
Developed by Home Corp Services Inc. of Vaughan, Canada a company supplying water heating equipment and duct cleaning service to over 33,000 homes has proudly joined efforts to promote this patented product as the "Mueller - ITET Digital Water System". Stay tuned for the latest in curb stop technology with Mueller's ITET Digital Water System.

To learn more about ITET Digital Water System contact HomeCorpServices.

Showers vs. hot water in Europe

taking a cold shower

I just returned from Europe and my family and I miss it already. We miss the culture, the history, the scenery and the food. What we don't miss are the showers. Showers and hot water in Europe is a slight oxymoron. You tend to have greater patience and higher tolerance level when you are in Europe and quickly realize that not all places have the best of everything.

We, North Americans are spoiled when it comes to large appliances; fridges, stoves, washers and if you are lucky enough - compared to Europeans - you might own a clothes dryer. What stung most for us was not having hot water available when we wanted it.

When we call for hot water, we had to wait and when it did arrive, we experienced interruption (cold bursts of water). Those Europeans who have purchased a new home or who have recently renovated, have an on demand - water heating system. Those who don't, electric water heating are not an option ($$$), perhaps they have a good supply of firewood.

We have storage water heaters and for good reason. In need of a hot shower because you are stressed, or a quick hot shower because you are late for work, the last thing you want is to be adjusting the temperature because of pressure loss (someone else in the household is using hot water).

Going Green and saving money is GREAT! We now wash in cold: when our washing machine needs replacing; we replace it with a front load. Living costs money and harms the environment. Our busy lifestyles enable us to appreciate those little luxuries we have available to us each day and having that uninterrupted hot shower when we work so hard and long is why we "live to work". Ciao Europe, see you in a couple of years.


Eliminate time-of-use rates with programmable thermostat

Below details the charge for consuming electricity throughout a 24hr period. Our HOME-STAT? is the ONLY programmable thermostat that can shut down your water heater when rates are at there PEAK. HOME-STAT's flexible four settings program available each day, combined with the Ontario (Municipal or State) electrical costs, will give the homeowner the option to shutdown heating their water when rates are high and fire back up when rates are down. Simply press a button and the all-in-one HOME-STAT starts saving money.

A typical water heater used today is a 50us gal. Having storage enables you to heat water when electricity is cheap, consume it when it is expensive and replenish when electricity is less expensive, EXAMPLE: Run power vented water 11AM-5PM (MID PEAK) and 9PM - 7AM (OFF PEAK) there might be just enough hot water for you when you wake and when you return. Effective October 30th - April 30 rates change and so will how you consume electricity.

NO NEED to change how you use water, simply CHOOSE when and how much you are CHARGED. The HOME-STAT is the simplest solution to heating your water while managing the comfort of your home.


Comparison of Time-of-Use Rates

Click on the chart to see Time-of-Use pricing from Ontario Hydro.