Eliminate curb stops with ITET - a proven water delivery control system

The ITET Digital Water System is saving municipalities thousands of dollars and making life easier for homebuilders and homeowners. Home Corp Services Inc. of Vaughan, Canada has introduced an exclusive, patented ITET Water System that eliminates troublesome municipal service boxes.

What are curb stops?

When houses are built and water delivery and plumbing systems are initially installed, a connection is made between the municipal water main and a water service pipe to the house.

A shut-off valve (commonly referred to as a “curb stop”) is installed along the water service pipe at a position between the water main and the house.See a typical installation diagram here.

Curb stop installation

A wood stud or plastic pipe is used to support or identify the location of the service box to prevent damage or injury

The curb stop typically has a valve body which is usually about six feet below the ground surface. In order to actuate the curb stop, an extension service box is then used to meet the ground surface above, enabling access to open or close the water valve above grade. The curb stop and the extension service box must be installed early in the construction of the house.