How the Rental Water Heater Program Works

HOME-STAT™ 7-Day Programmable Thermostat included with every power vented rental water heater.

Water heating program

All you Need to Know
Your purchasers will receive a low monthly on the gas bill. (one PV50 and one HOME-STAT™ thermostat). NO LEASE AGREEMENTS OR VOID CHEQUES for your purchasers to sign and submit. Home Corp Services arranges the delivery of both the water heater and HOME-STAT™ right to your site. And as usual, all rental water heaters receive 24hr parts and labor service.

Energy Efficiency That SAVES Homebuilders and Homeowners Money –
The proven and patented technology of our exclusive 7-day programmable HOME-STAT™ is now included with every rental water heater. Homebuilders will save the cost of purchasing programmable thermostats and your purchasers SAVE on their energy costs. Why run a water heater 24 hrs per day?
Home Corp Services is committed to a greener environment by providing homebuilders and homeowners with products that reduce energy consumption, and HOME-STAT™ is a great place to start. HOME-STAT™ has been proven to provide more than 28% of total energy savings.

The all-in-one HOME-STAT™ manages your Heating, Cooling and Power Vented Water Heaters. An alternative solution for homebuilders for addressing the on demand or tankless enquiries specific to venting requirements. Put an end to energy costs, program your HOME-STAT&trade to disengage power to the water heaters located in your model and inventory homes.

Get With the Program –
To participate in the rental water heating equipment program call Home Corp Services customer service: 1-877-331-8886

HOME-STAT 7-Day Programmable Thermostat


7-Day Programmable Thermostat with every power vented rental water heater.