Water heater safety tips

Follow these safety tips to keep your family safe and your water heater working efficiently.

  • Don’t let dust, lint or dirt block the air intakes at the bottom of your tank
  • Use insulation blankets and commercial pipe wraps that are approved for gas water heaters
  • Keep pipe wraps at least 15 cm (6 inches) away from a steel chimney
  • Make sure insulation doesn’t slip and cover the burner control or an air intake
  • Secure insulation using straps prided by the manufacturer – no tape

Reduce your tank temperature –
stay safe and save

You can reduce your energy consumption and keep your family safe by lowering your water heater temperature to 54°C (130°F).

But don’t set your tank’s temperature too low – the water needs to be at least 50°C to prevent the growth of bacteria.

If you’re not sure how hot the water in your tank is, here’s how to test the temperature:

  • Don’t use any hot water for several hours
  • Find a faucet near the water heater
  • Turn on the hot water, let it run for a few minutes, then fill a coffee mug
  • Insert a cooking thermometer into the mug
  • If the temperature is 54°C, reduce the water heater temperature
  • Your water tank control may only show “hot” and “warm”. “Hot” is approximately 60°C/140°F. Try dialing down one mark, then retest the water temperature the next day.