Innovative HOME-STAT™ is one of the safest
and simplest energy efficient upgrades you can
make to a home

HOME-STAT™ uses exclusive, patented technology in a programmable thermostat developed to cycle a power vented water heater at the same time as the entire central heating and cooling systems. The all-in-one HOME-STAT™ uses Radio Frequency technology to communicate to a remote power supply affixed to the water heater.
Why Homestat
Typical programmable thermostats provide a maximum energy savings of 15% (5% Heating – 10% Cooling). The HOME-STAT™ provides an additional 10% total energy savings once programmed properly.

Find out how easy it is to install HOME-STAT™

The demand for multiple shower heads, larger garden tubs and body jets results in greater demand for hot water supply. The fact is, water heating accounts for up to 30% of the average homes’ energy budget. At work, away on vacation or sleeping, no matter the lifestyle, HOME-STAT™ technology manages the heating/cooling and power supply to the water heater, all at the touch of one conveniently located digital control.

A number of builders have already realized the energy saving potential that HOME-STAT™ provides and are now including HOME-STAT™ in their new homes.

HOME-STAT™ Features

  • All-in-one programmable thermostat
  • Existing wire used to manage furnace functions
  • Optional 7-day programming, with four temperature periods per day
  • Large, easy to read LCD screen with continuous backlight option
  • Air filter change reminder ensures your heating/cooling system operations
  • Humidifier pad replacement reminder ensures optimal indoor air quality
  • UV light change reminder
  • Menu driven programming
  • Auto changeover from heat to cool option – automatically adjusts pre-heating/cooling of a home
  • Permanent user setting memory – maintaining your settings during power outages
  • Minimum compressor off-time setting option protects compressor from short cycling
  • Remote sensor option enables thermostat to display outside temperature
  • Audible option confirms programming of key functions
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Available in 2H 2C